Savannah Baker is a Stylist, Photographer and Creative Director.
Born in London with early childhood influences from growing up in New York, her surroundings and upbringing have immersed her in a range of cultures, practicing art, design, fashion, and music, all of which continue to inspire her present work.
Living in a triangle between Jamaica, New York, and London has given her a deep understanding of urban style and native heritage, resulting in the development of a unique sensitivity to street culture with a highly sophisticated eye.

She has worked alongside renowned stylist, art provocateur, mentor and friend Johnny Blueeyes, who recognised her keen eye, originality and unique perspective on the world, and gave her some key early opportunities to work with artists like Lana del Rey.

Her interest in culture and contrast, combining the dainty with the industrial, the old with the new, is seen in the composition of her work, allowing Jamaican reggae-dancehall swagger to engage the subcultures of Japanese Harajuku street style, and updating avant-garde fashions from the ‘80s and ‘90s by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

A passion for talent, trends and the aesthetics of identity has allowed her to expose the subject’s personality, whilst aligning them with projects undertaken by her clients.

Savannah does not simply subvert convention or tradition, she reinterprets them for today’s dynamic and globalised world.